Stories from Science

Our mission is to explain science in a simple, attractive and fun form that is open to all.

How to Make a Hit?

As a rule, something becomes popular when people are able to recognize it quickly and without much effort. The effect of familiarity is important...

What is randomness?

You might think it must be easy to define randomness, but nothing could be further from the truth. Not only is it difficult to...

Your brain is the ultimate augmented reality device

In the recent years, we have been witnessing a staggering progress in smartphone technology. In addition to net surfing, listening to music, watching movies,...

When our sense of probability deceives us

The influence of numerous columns published in popular newspaper supplements where so-called “experts” shower us with all kinds of advice is not to be...

The aim of articles collected here is to present some key scientific events, ideas and personalities in the form of short tales that are easy and enjoyable to read.

Science web portal tries to bring to the international audience the approach to science communication as it was developed in the past two decades by the Slovenian magazine for science interpretation Kvarkadabra.

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